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My goal is your success. 


My career was developed in different industries, countries and jobs, giving me the possibility of working with people from different cultures. This experience allowed me to believe that the ability to get where we want, motivation and passion for what we do, depends on each of us.

I have a degree in chemical engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), I did the LisbonMBA and have more than 20 years of experience in leading projects, departments and companies.

I am a certified Coach of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), with over 200 hours of training and 150 hours of coaching, challenging my clients to use creative thinking, define strategies and priorities to achieve their goals. See my clients recommendations here .

I'm an experienced facilitator in practical and participatory trainings, done in South Europe and Latin America, allowing anyone in the room, or online, to execute the contents given while learning. My workshops may be in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

My goal is your success.

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Individual Sessions

Set of 5 to 10 sessions of 45 to 90 minutes, in which beliefs are challenged, plans are created, decisions are made and actions are taken to reach the goals. Coaching sessions are individual conversations where the coachee will reflect on what he/she wants to achieve, plan the best strategy and apply it.
My role is to challenge, provoke and facilitate through practical questions. It's a moment where, in partnership, we will clarify, identify and make decisions.


The sessions and workshops can be given online or in person.



Target audience : Businesses and Universities (masters and postgraduate students)


I value: Values, Beliefs & Self-Leadership

Management: Influence & Leadership

Presentation: Story Telling & Presentations

Achievement: Communication & Negotiation

Collaboration: Teamwork & meetings

Time Management: Organize & planning

IMPACT for Tourist guides ft. Niura Severo

Target audience: Tourist Guides

Goals: Work on Soft-Skills & project creation


I value: Self-Awareness

Management: Self-management & Skills

Presence: Communication & Collaboration

Achieve: Story Telling & Project Leadership

Coaching : Beliefs & Project Strategy

Time Management: Organize & Planning


Target audience: Universities (finalists)

Program: 1st Job preparation

Empower your CV : CV & Cover Letters

Networking & job Search : Where to look?

Transfer to professional life : What to expect?

Recruitment process : Steps & planning

Interviews: Preparing for interviews

Expectations & Selection : Contracts & Salaries

Select your career : Career development plan

"Sometimes it's just enjoying the moment ... letting go of the past and not being afraid of the future."

— Teresa Pessanha

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